24Bit episode 1: Blogging 101

AndroidKenya.com’s existence today is the result of a journey started a few years ago. One of learning and re-learning. Blogging has been both fun and challenging.

I teamed up with other bloggers in the tech space to start 24Bit, an ongoing conversation on happenings in our technology world that we hope to be having every now and then.

Watch, share and engage. We’d love to hear what you think about the discussion and what you’d want to see discussed in future episodes.

Or you can listen on SoundCloud.

Or you can use my favourite app, PocketCasts, to hear us go on and on about blogging for half an hour.

It’s your choice. Don’t forget to subscribe. There’s more on the way.

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Emmanuel Chenze

Let's just say I know my stuff. I have 7 years experience handling, tinkering with and then writing extensively about Android stuff. Sometimes it is exciting, sometimes it is not; things can get stale with nothing new to show but I live for each one of those moments. Have something Android-related that you believe I need to have a look at? Hit me up: echenze@androidkenya.com