Huawei quietly rolls out Android Oreo beta program for the Mate 9

Android 8, Oreo, is the latest version of the mobile operating system we obsess over daily, Android. However, as well know, user adoption of the latest versions of Android is never the fastest and, at best, it takes up to 2 years for a sizeable chunk to be reached. We’ve, sadly, become resigned to the fact that things may never get better. Any amount of optimism as far as such matters go is bound to put undesired pressures on your heart and general well-being.

However, every once in a while some news reaches us that warms our hearts for a moment and gives us hope that all is not lost. That was the case when over a week ago, Funky Huawei, a project dedicated to giving Huawei device users and super fans access to the latest software test builds, uploaded a working Android Oreo beta that is supposedly meant for the Huawei Mate 9. For obvious reasons, such type of news and the consequent actions required are bound to be limited to a few people like yours truly and other diehards/tinkerers thanks to the overwhelming processes involved, the costs and the risks (who wants to brick/kill a Kshs 70,000 phone?).

However, if you are lucky, it may be actually a bit easy to be one of the first Huawei Mate 9 users to get Android Oreo if you manage to please the gods at Huawei to accept you into their software beta testing program which just quietly went live.

Head over to this link to try your luck. You will be redirected to download this app [alternative: download via Telegram] which you will need to install on your device. Once you launch the installed app and agree to the disclaimers and instructions contained in the end user agreement, a login attempt (using your Huawei account credentials) will be made. If successful, you will be placed on a waiting list from where you will be notified if your request was approved or not in not more than 48 hours. If you are in, enjoy Oreo, if you are unlucky, join us in crossing our fingers and hoping to have Oreo as a Christmas gift (you’d be foolish to expect it any sooner).

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