Microsoft account support comes to the SwiftKey Android app


It’s over 18 months since Microsoft announced to the world that it had acquired Swiftkey, a company that makes a popular keyboard application going by the same name. As such, it was about time that Microsoft’s hand in the app finally showed.

Going forward, users of the Swiftkey keyboard app will have an option to sign in using their Microsoft accounts (if they have any that is) instead of being forced to sign up for a Swiftkey account or using the Google sign-in option (is it still there? It’s been a while since I used Swiftkey).

A Swiftkey account allows users to be able to sync their data across any devices they’re using. This is important because based on this data, Swiftkey’s back-end Artificial Intelligence smarts are able to predict the next word a user will key in, the thing that has made it a hit with users around the world.

Grab Swiftkey from the Play Store.

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