Microsoft Edge browser finally available for download

Microsoft Edge is coming to Android. That, we have known for a week now. And now it’s really here, finally. Or something like that.

Microsoft has availed the Microsoft Edge preview on the Google Play Store for those with eligible devices and who are willing to experiment a bit, to get their hands dirty.

First impressions

Upon launch, the browser automatically detects any Microsoft accounts on the device that are logged in so as to make it less of a hassle for users.

The Microsoft Edge browser looks neat on Android. Its interface is not that foreign since it borrows heavily from the looks of the Microsoft Launcher. Like other browsers, the main window also delivers news updates to the user.

However, unlike on Windows Mobile where the search bar is locatedĀ at the bottom, it’s at the top on the Android version of the browser which is what I really prefer. Diehard Windows Mobile fans will probably take offence at this, though.

Whereas the Microsoft Edge browser on the desktop now supports extensions, that is not the case on mobile. The mobile app (Android) is devoid of any mention of extensions. Google has so far managed to keep out extensions from its popular Chrome mobile app. Mozilla’s Firefox browser, on the other hand, lets users do that.

However, it is not the lack of extensions that is the browser’s biggest letdown at launch: for one to use its best feature (the ability to send a web page one is reading to other connected/synced devices e.g from smartphone to Windows PC. The problem, in this case, is such that in order to be able to take advantage of such features, one needs to have upgraded to the very latest Windows builds i.e. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Now, here’s the interesting bit: the Fall Creators Update is not available until Tuesday next week (October 17th).

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It is worth noting that the Microsoft Launcher is also rolling out as a preview to everyone who is interested. Grab it from the Play Store.

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