Hop on to the Black Friday hype train with these 5 Android game deals on the Play Store

Thanksgiving Day, celebrated throughout the United States every year on the fourth Thursday of November is mainly an American affair. However, what happens after it, starting with the day after, a Friday no less, has since become a global affair since it has been used by marketers and companies around the world as a day to herald the start of the holiday shopping craze. Kenya is no exception to this rule these days something that has seen Black Friday, an erstwhile foreign concept, embraced more so by the various e-commerce platforms like Jumia, Kilimall and, now, Safaricom’s Masoko.

While there is so much we can go on and on about Black Friday and the various deals available, most important to some is the much we can gain as far as savings on apps and games we’ve been salivating at is concerned. While there are always some good deals happening via the Play Store every other day, for Black Friday, one can grab a few interesting gaming titles for a lot less than is the case when they’re not on offer. Here are some top picks from the huge sale going down on the Play Store at the moment through to next week:

1. Chameleon Run

Think Temple Run but only colours are involved.

I’ve got to admit, I am hardly what you’d call, even remotely, an iPhone (or iOS for that matter) fan. However, Chameleon Run is one of the few things I actually discovered on Apple’s platform and, with interest piqued, I had to shift to my platform of choice to find it. Find it I did and it’s been a delight to always turn to this game for a temporary escape from the circus that is my daily life. Oh, in case you have no idea why it’s named after one of the most mystic reptiles, it’s because your task is to switch your colour to match the ground you’re running on. Simple as that. Well, until the going gets tough which it definitely will.

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The game, which usually costs a cool Kshs 200 has dropped by Kshs 98 on the Play Store as part of the Cyber Week sale. I can vouch for it.

Play Store link

2. Monument Valley

There are few lists that you will go through today highlighting some of the best games available on mobile platforms today that will miss Monument Valley. It is simply one of the best puzzle games out there and for the next few days, it’s available for Kshs 150, Kshs 250 less than its Kshs 400 normal asking price on the Play Store.

Play Store link

3. Farming Simulator 16

Ever since Coffee Stain Studios’ hit title Goat Simulator went viral a few years ago, there has been no shortage of “simulator” apps popping up on the Play Store looking to ride out the word’s popularity with users aggressively searching for the real thing. Of course, it did not help that depending on the platform that one has been on before and their gaming experience there were other popular simulators from years past. Farming Simulator makes it sexy to own virtual New Holland tractors as you plough your virtual farm hoping for the best just like a real-world farmer somewhere in Uasin Gishu or Trans Nzoia counties.

If you missed out on the FarmVille craze on Facebook 8 years ago, when Android was just but a toddler, then Farming Simulator presents the perfect opportunity to make peace with the past while appreciating all the work that goes into making most of the products that end up on our dinner tables. And thanks to the “everything for sale” season, you are only set back by Kshs 200, Kshs 100 less than on ordinary days. Surely, it must cost more to own land, a few grade cows and a Massey Ferguson tractor in real life!

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Play Store link

4. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

This list would be incomplete if it did not have an Activision game title. Activision are the people behind the widely successful Call of Duty gaming franchise. Naturally, the mention of Activision and Call of Duty brings to mind first-person shooters like the latter. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions lives up to these expectations by being one of the most immersive shooting game experiences on mobile today.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions has a price drop of a whopping Kshs 600 to the Kshs 400 that it is currently going for on the Play Store! Steal, deal!

Play Store link

5. Mini Metro

If keeping cattle on an expansive virtual farm and growing crops is not your kind of thing then how about designing the subway network of an imaginary city? If you are a Nairobi resident then you must have already done this in your head thousands of times while stuck in one of the city’s notorious traffic jams so things shouldn’t be that hard. Unless your wallet is (kind of unlikely since only Kshs 200 is needed to bring Mini Metro home).

Play Store link

There’s more where these 5 games came from. Check the rest of the Google Play Store Cyber Week deals here.

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