Grow up and buy a Galaxy Note 8, Samsung tells potential iPhone X buyers in a new advertisement [video]

There’s rarely anything that Samsung does wrong with its commercials and the new Galaxy Note 8 ad is the latest example.

While there might be a few issues with its software and hardware [insert Galaxy Note 7 joke], the company has always been on point with its advertisements. And the latest commercial is even better, especially since it’s aimed directly at Apple.

The South Korean tech giant is aiming a jibe at its closest rival, Apple, with an advertisement that is obviously targeting potential iPhone X buyers. The story is about an iPhone user who after using several models eventually turns to the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8. In the ad, you will see the guy buy his very first iPhone and throughout the years, he waits in long queues just to get the latest model, something that has already been witnessed in the U.S. with respect to the iPhone X.

While using the iPhone, this guy notices several annoyances that are not true for his friends using Samsung Galaxy phones. One of the features of Samsung Galaxy phones highlighted in the ad is water resistance, which Apple has since added to its flagship phones, including the iPhone X. However, Samsung’s ad goes on to show off the abilities of the S Pen, a feature that only Galaxy Note 8 users can get.

In the end, the guy gets fed up and instead of queuing for an iPhone X or even any of the two iPhone 8 handsets, he opts for the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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With such an ad, it’s obvious that Samsung is targeting longtime iPhone users.  Even though it won’t be easy getting them, it’s possible that those sharing the same feelings with the main character might opt for the Galaxy Note 8 instead of the iPhone X or iPhone 8 for that matter. Besides, you can get the Note 8 at Ksh 92,500 while the iPhone X (64GB) can be yours for Ksh 155,000, with the high-end variant (256GB) coming in at a whopping Ksh 180,000 on Phones Arena Kenya.

While people in the U.S. don’t pay as much as we have to pay for the same iPhone X, the phone’s demand is overwhelming. Over here, it’s not about the phone’s availability, but the price, which is not only overwhelming but also scary. And it makes perfect sense for Samsung to air this Note 8 ad at such a time, just to remind you that you’ll be getting a great piece of hardware at a cheaper price.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. You can also watch the ad below.

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