WhatsApp beta 2.17.400 introduces 70 new Android Oreo emojis


The millions of people using WhatsApp are obviously eager to receive the new feature that lets them recall messages from recipients’ devices, but the company has already embarked on adding newer features in the app’s future version.

Like many other smartphone users in Kenya, I’m yet to have a hands-on experience with the new Android Oreo, however, I’m fully aware of the many goodies the OS comes with. Alongside the new features and tweaks to the interface, Oreo also debuts a bunch of new emojis that have also been redesigned to give them a much better look.

In the latest WhatsApp update, Facebook is bringing these Oreo-based emojis to the popular chat app, but only those using the beta version can enjoy them. Starting with version 2.17.400, WhatsApp users can now make use of new facial expressions, food items, fantasy icons and others. Specifically, you’ll come across about 70 new emojis, among them a swearing face, orange heart, breastfeeding woman, woman with a headscarf, Shhh face, exploding head, a bearded man (although not the type I expected), vomit face and so on.


The new Android Oreo emojis now join the recently redesigned WhatsApp emojis in donning a glossier and more vibrant look, but as noted, the new, Oreo-based additions are still in beta. If you want to get a taste of these new emojis, you can sign up for the beta program via the Google Play Store or simply get the APK version via the APK Mirror, but this will also have to be installed manually, just like the download process.

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