WhatsApp Status now has more than 300 million daily active users – but how often do you use it?

WhatsApp Status

The tech space is very competitive and more often than not, companies have been accused of the lack of innovation in terms of differentiating their services. Nonetheless, history tells us that being the first to the market doesn’t necessarily mean you will be the most successful.

We’ve seen companies come in with groundbreaking technologies and new features to their services only to be overtaken by those who had a better implementation of the same. One good example of this scenario is Snapchat. Make no mistake, this isn’t to say that the app’s Stories feature is a complete flop; however, it’s obvious that Facebook is enjoying a better spell of success with its versions of the same feature on both Instagram and WhatsApp, but it’s the latter that has our attention, especially since many users weren’t so happy with its introduction.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, WhatsApp Status has 300 million daily active users. When compared to Snapchat’s 173 million, you can see why Facebook is obviously having the better spell of success. It gets even better given that Instagram Stories also commands a similar user base – and it’s also owned by Facebook. The Zuck revealed this information during Facebook’s Q3 earnings call, which now means WhatsApp Status has gained 50 million users from July 2017.

As pointed out, many were not happy when WhatsApp Status was unveiled, but perhaps this was because Facebook had replaced the text-based version of the status update with the new version. After the text-based version was restored, the Status feature has since been on the rise and hence the current figures.

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Interestingly, I’ve never used WhatsApp Status, but this is a personal preference – or maybe I see it as a girl thing. Given that Facebook should be adding more features to ensure that Status stays relevant in the market, maybe I might come on board, who knows! As for you, how often do you use WhatsApp Status?

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