You can now unlock your M-Pesa account through the mySafaricom app

With the way Kenyans have become reliant on M-Pesa, the mobile money platform offered locally by Safaricom, it is hard to imagine an instance where one gets their M-Pesa account locked. Yet, it happens.

There are so many reasons why an M-Pesa account could get locked. One of the more common ones is when a user makes a request to have their account locked after, say, they lose their mobile phone. This is so as to deter fraud.

Normally, the process to get a locked M-Pesa account unlocked involves contacting Safaricom/M-Pesa customer support through social media or directly via a call after which a ticket may be raised and the matter settled. While that process works, what if it could be faster/automated?

That seems to be what is happening as, we are not sure since when (though the latest update to the app is from January 9th), it’s now possible to just request for a locked M-Pesa account to be unlocked through Safaricom’s mobile application, mySafaricom. The option is available under My Account in the M-Pesa section of the mySafaricom app.

From there, one keys in their national ID number and then hits “Send”.

What we are not certain about at this point is if this ability is limited to the mobile number of the device making the request or one can use someone else’s device to initiate such a request, as is possible with PUK resets.

Developer: Safaricom Limited
Price: Free
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