Nokia 3.2 starts selling in Kenya

The Nokia 3.2 is now available for purchase in Kenya.

According to HMD Global, the device’s maker and the global licensee of the Nokia smartphone brand, the device is going for Kshs 14,000.

This puts it within an earshot of the Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 which had a recommended retail price of Kshs 13,500 at launch back in March as well as the Infinix S4 whose base model with 3GB RAM and 32GB onboard storage retails at Kshs 15,000.

Does the Nokia 3.2’s hardware match that of its competitors though?

That is a question everyone considering it will have to ask themselves given how tough the competition is out there and how they, especially the Chinese brands, pack just about everything that Nokia would withhold from a budget device. Especially in the photography department. It is particularly refreshing to see this particular device arrive with face unlock, something that was a glaring omission from past budget Nokia devices.

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The software, which sticks with Google’s vision for Android thanks to the device belonging to the Android One programme, is above board and HMD Global, from experience, spices things up a bit by guaranteeing not just monthly security updates but also upgrades to future versions of Android.

“The Nokia 3.2 will receive three years of monthly security patches and two major OS updates, as guaranteed in the Android One programme,” the company notes in a statement.

That is something that the aforementioned Huawei device can never lay claim to even before the current uncertainties surrounding any likelihood of that ever happening in the future. The same can pretty much be said of the other device as well whose users, besides having to grapple with unpredictable update cycles, have to make do with ads in their notification dropdowns as well as app drawers.

The Nokia 3.2 joins 2 other smartphones unveiled alongside it back in February at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona which have also since been made available in the local market: the Android Go-powered Nokia 1 Plus and the Nokia 4.2 which only started selling in the country at the start of the month.

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Like the Nokia 4.2, the Nokia 3.2 also features a dedicated button to trigger the Google Assistant.

The device is also part of those certified by Google for use at the workplace under its Android Enterprise Recommended programme. It is one of the most affordable in that lineup thus making it easier for any IT guys out to convince their finance departments to bankroll their next purchases for the company’s staff or to pitch to their colleagues where BYOD (bring your own device) is the norm.

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