You probably shouldn’t buy the Galaxy A50 for this one reason

Samsung Galaxy A50 battery irreplaceable

Samsung’s refreshed Galaxy A series has some cool phones. For a well-balanced experience of the budget and premium features, there’s probably none better in the series than the Galaxy A50.

The phone, right from the outside and into the performance specs on the inside, you’ll love it. Samsung even went all the way to include an in-display fingerprint scanner, a feature that we had come to associate with premium Kshs 100,000 phones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The Galaxy S10+ uses an in-display fingerprint scanner for authentication.


The trendy tri-lens camera is also on board and for anyone who hasn’t experienced the aforementioned Kshs 100,000 phones, the Galaxy A50 has one of the smoothest experience for a device priced at about Kshs 25,000. Let’s not even talk about the impressive battery life thanks to the humongous 4000mAh unit.

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We can go on and on and it’ll be hard to find any faults in this phone going by the asking price. But for some reason, the Galaxy A50 still isn’t the perfect budget phone out there. We can’t get into the phone to show you this imperfection, but JerryRigEverything can and in fact, he already did!

Galaxy A50 teardown

The Galaxy A50 has a plastic back


For the uninitiated, JerryRigEverything is an American YouTuber whose popularity stems from his proficiency taking apart smartphones to determine how durable they are. At the same time, these teardowns help determine how reparable a smartphone is.

According to the video he shared on YouTube this week, the Galaxy A50 has a battery unit that can’t be easily replaced. The teardown reveals that Samsung used a very strong permanent adhesive to stick the 4000mAh battery unit inside the A50 and removing it could damage other parts of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy A50-3

Considering that batteries are usually one of the first things on a smartphone to require replacement after some time using the phone, it makes the Galaxy A50 an unsuitable choice for anyone looking for a device to last years.

I’m not sure how long it would take for the Galaxy A50 battery to start acting up, but even if it does, draining a 4000mAh battery won’t be easy. Also, let’s hope that by then you’ll be rich enough to buy another budget phone on the fly?.

The rest of the video is linked below.

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