“Windows” Defender is coming to Android

Yes, you heard that right.

The Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection will soon be making its way to Android, according to Microsoft.

If you are already lost at this point then that’s quite in order – we would too.

In order to be able to marry it into its newfound vision of making sure we are all using Microsoft products and services regardless of platform, Microsoft renamed what we have for a while now known as Windows Defender to Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection.

It is this Microsoft Defender that is trying to make inroads on other platforms. It was launched last year for macOS and yesterday for the Linux platform. Soon, it will have its day on mobile platforms like Android.

Microsoft’s lengthy announcement note makes no mention of when we can expect to see Microsoft Defender ATP on Android only saying that the company will be showing a demo next week at a cybersecurity conference in San Francisco.

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