Infinix Note 8 announcement imminent, coming to Kenya soon

Just a month since it launched its 2020 flagship smartphone, the Infinix Zero 8, it appears that Infinix is gearing to release yet another smartphone, the Infinix Note 8, soon.

The Infinix Note 8’s impending announcement comes just 6 months since its predecessor, the Infinix Note 7, was announced.

We, subsequently, reviewed the Infinix Note 7 upon its release in July and what stood out for us on the device, among other things like the design, was the performance of the camera at night. With the Infinix Zero 8 doing very well on the same, are we about to see the same feature that made the Note 7 outstanding get even better thanks to the influence the flagship Zero 8 may have had?

It’s hard to tell at this point but given what we are seeing with the teaser images floating around the interwebs, it’s not far-fetched to expect some improvements. Especially given that there’ll be a whole new chipset (the MediaTek Helio G80, according to leaks) to do the heavy lifting.

Just as we have come to expect with the Infinix Note series over the years, long battery life is promised, as we have seen on a number of teasers from the brand ahead of the imminent announcement. With the display on its predecessor already approaching 7-inch territory, will we see any advances in this sector as far as size goes?

Other expected updates, as can be seen in the featured image above, include the addition of two cameras on the front. The Infinix Note 7 had a single 16-megapixel sensor. The Zero 8 heralded the era of dual selfie cameras on Infinix smartphones and it looks like Infinix is using its 6-month lineup refresh cycle to bring the rest of the product lines up to date.

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The number of cameras at the back is staying intact at 4.

The back design, going by the above teaser image, appears to be the same as what we have on the Infinix Note 7.

As was the case with the Zero 8, the Infinix Note 8 will arrive alongside an “i” model, the Infinix Note 8i. Will we get to see that made available in Kenya this time around? Time will tell.

What are your expectations of the Infinix Note lineup’s upcoming flagship?

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