Infinix Zero 8 focus: The 6 cameras

The Infinix Zero 8 has a total of 6 cameras. 4 at the back and 3 on the front.

They are lineup as follows:

Front: 48-megapixel main sensor flanked by an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor

Back: 64-megapixel main sensor backed by an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor and a combo of 2-megapixel sensors for bokehs and what have you.

The front duo combine to produce some sharp crisp detailed selfies (see below). There’s still the kind of bleed that you get when the background is bright but that is remedied when HDR kicks in, swapping what would otherwise be an almost entirely white background with the blue and white of the sky and clouds above or behind you. The portrait mode, when used, produced some rather better results than I anticipated even though there’s the occasional glitch.

In short, you are well covered on the front of the Infinix Zero 8. For the most part, the difference in results will be entirely dependent on you.

Flipping to the back side of the device, the so-called AI Quad Cam does a very good job of combining the power of the monster 64-megapixel lens and that from the supporting cast, the other 3 sensors.

It is a delight to use outdoors or when there’s sufficient lighting. The only gripe I had here is when switching to the macro mode, one of several “modes” available to the user at the bottom of the viewfinder. That particular mode, for the most part, did not appear to be doing what I expected it to do: get me proper close-ups. Switching between the main sensor and the ultra-wide-angle sensor was, however, more than enough for me as I was able to get some very good results.

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It is at night, however, that the Infinix Zero 8’s cameras truly come to life, offering some of the best experiences on a budget. Switch to the ‘Supernight’ mode and prepare to be impressed.

There’s still the softness and noise that comes with low-light snaps but they are all on the lower side of the equation where we can safely overlook them for the superior results we get. For once, you don’t get the impression that all that happening was some “brightening”. See below:

The only shortcoming of ‘Supernight’, at least for the adventurous among us that would love to customize the hell out of everything, is that with it, one is only limited to the main sensor. They can’t pick the ultra-wide-angle sensor. Given that the ultra-wide’s images aren’t so good in low-light it kind of makes sense that it has been overlooked. Or, at least for me, it isn’t a big deal that it isn’t available as an option when it is in action.

The Infinix Zero 8 can record video up to 30 frames per second in 4K and 60fps in Full HD for both the front-facing and the back shooters.

If all that one wants to do is take a quick short video then a built-in mode for shooting short videos (15 seconds) comes in handy. This feature, targeted at young users who are all about sharing social clips of what they are doing on platforms such as TikTok, comes with its own set of filters, AR stickers, sound and the like.

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Slow-motion can be captured up to 240 frames per second.

Complementary to the wide-angle selfies made possible using the 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor is a mode called ‘wideselfie’ which lets one pan across then stitches up the results. Most of mine ended up being blurry because I wasn’t patient enough to go at the required rate. It’s more or less like taking panoramas.


The Infinix Zero 8 camera does a good job in low-light photography especially with the ‘Supernight’ mode turned on. During the day, or in sufficient lighting, the Infinix Zero 8’s rear and front cameras are dependable. Whichever way you look at it, you are getting a very good experience with the device. It, however, doesn’t do much to kill the claims, which we subscribe to, that besides the main sensor and the ultra-wide, the other two sensors, as is often the case on devices of the Zero 8’s stature, are just there for the ride and the, no pun intended, optics.

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