WhatsApp now letting users preview audio messages before sending

WhatsApp users who are fond of using its voice message feature, available in every chat window by holding down the microphone icon and talking, have a reason to smile. WhatsApp is now allowing to preview any voice messages they record before sending them.

For one to preview their voice message before sending, they need to slide up on the microphone icon they are already holding, instead of letting it go, which results in the message being sent. Doing so will have the app lock itself into hands-free voice recording. After one is done recording their voice message, hit the stop button. Hitting play before sending allows them to listen to what they just recorded before it disappears into the vast void that is that internet – even though they can be set to self-destruct now.

WhatsApp has been rolling a number of features lately meant to increase the privacy of its users, a long-held concern among them, as well as to improve the overall user experience. For instance, just the other day, it moved to reign in on third-party applications like WhatsApp by curtailing the access they have on the platform which, previously, has been used to prey on the privacy of users by others.

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