TikTok now letting users upload 1080p videos

Popular short video app TikTok has rolled several new features aimed at enhancing the user experience.

They include the ability for creators on the platform to use the Green Screen, a blank green background that makes it easy to add other special effects, even on GIFs. It is also updating its music synthesis tools to include animal and music instrument sounds as an option to creators who can then use them in their videos on any sound or voice.

Another feature creators, especially those starting out on the platform, is a one-tap button that appears to just about do everything related to video editing. Pressing the Visual Enhancement will “improve exposure, low-light, and color correction instantly”, according to TikTok.

For many, however, it is the ability to upload videos in 1080p that will leave smiles on their faces. The feature, even though limited to select countries at the moment, with an expansion to more users in other countries on the cards, addresses a long-running concern among creators on the platform eager to share even crispier videos with their fanbase.

“Record or upload your video, then on the Publishing page tap on “More options.” Toggle on the “Upload HD” setting to publish your video in up to 1080p resolution,” TikTok notes in a statement.

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