Samsung teases next generation Exynos 9 chip, likely what powers the Galaxy S8

Samsung is expected to reveal to us when it will be unveiling its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, in a few days at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. While rumours are flying left, right and centre on what features the Galaxy S8 may or may not have, thanks to the latest teaser from the company’s silicon manufacturing side, we may have one big clue: it will be powered by a swanky new generation processor.

The Exynos 9.

Exynos 9 will be a brand new series and it will take over from the Exynos 8 that recent flagship devices from the company have packed.

While details about the unannounced chipset are scanty at the moment, it is expected to be more powerful than its predecessor, obviously, and have better support for virtual reality and 4K video content.

The Exynos 9 chip is expected to be based on a 10-nanometer process just like Qualcomm’s latest high-end chipset, the Snapdragon 835. The Galaxy S8 has been rumoured to be arriving with the 835 exclusively leaving competitors like LG to go with other Qualcomm chips for their 2017 flagship devices. Samsung has usually shipped two variants of its flagship device: one with Qualcomm chipsets and another with its in-house Exynos chips. That might still be the case this year.


The Exynos 9 chip is now official. Now we just need to see the Galaxy S8 rocking it.

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