Phone deals in the Safaricom Open Day, November 2017

Safaricom is running yet another open day. You know what that means… deals on devices including smartphones. This November open day, which began at the start of the week on Monday, November 27th, runs all the way to Sunday, December 3rd.

One thing worth noting, though, is that unlike in the past open days, it doesn’t seem like there are many real deals this time around. Most devices said to be discounted go for much higher prices than they did last time around. More so for entry-level and lower mid-range smartphones. Still, you will be getting them for a little less than their usual market price. At least as far as Safaricom’s retail outlets are concerned. Like, for instance, the Nokia 8, which Safaricom has been selling for Kshs 60,000, goes for Kshs 4,000 less courtesy of this open day. There are also significant savings on Huawei and Samsung premium phones.

DevicePrice (in Kshs)
Safaricom Neon Kicka2,499
Tecno S14,999
Tecno S656,499
Tecno R658,999
Huawei Y3II7,299
Lenovo A20209,999
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime+9,999
Huawei Y3 20179,999
Tecno N9S11,499
Moto C Plus11,999
Samsung Galaxy J312,999
Nokia 313,499
Huawei Y6 201713,999
Nokia 517,999
Moto E Plus18,999
Tecno Camon CXs18,999
Huawei GR3 201718,999
Nokia 621,999
Huawei GR5 201725,999
Moto C Plus27,999
Samsung Galaxy J7 201729,999
Samsung Galaxy A7 201744,999
Huawei P1051,999
Huawei Mate 955,999
Nokia 855,999
Samsung Galaxy S869,999
Samsung Galaxy S8+79,999

Note: these are cash deals. Safaricom is also running similar offers but with Bonga points in the mix as well.

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