Google’s Datally is a mobile data-saving app that you need to install right now

Datally Data-Saving App

In Kenya, mobile data is a struggle on its own.

Many people want to own a smartphone, but it’s nearly impossible for them to keep up with the demands of this type of technology. The result is that many end up making do with mediocre amounts of data, with some going as little as 5MB. But thanks to Google, you can easily get by using the new Datally app.

Back in June, Google started testing a mobile app that is meant to help people who don’t have the luxury of unlimited data or Wi-Fi keep their mobile data usage in control. At the time, the app was limited to the Philippines and was known as Triangle, but today, it’s now available globally with a new name – Datally.

Using a VPN, Datally will determine the data usage of each installed app on your phone and give you the option to block background data usage for individual apps. This feature is already available for those using phones with Android 7.0 Nougat and above, but the option is buried deep into the Data usage settings, which can be a problem to locate for novice smartphone users.

Datally Data-Saving App

The Datally app not only keeps your phone’s cellular data usage in check, but it also provides details about the general data usage as well as an option to locate and connect to nearby Wi-Fi hotspots in a bid to save mobile data thanks to a feature known as Wi-Fi Finder. According to Google, more features are on the way, including ability to check your data balance, get reminders about expiration date as well as proactive data usage alerts and controls. Google says these features are still being experimented in select markets, but we don’t know when they’ll be available to all users.

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So, for those who are always complaining that Safaricom or Airtel is “eating” into their data, well, you need to install this app ASAP. You can get it here for free.

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