New MySafaricom update lets you request PUK code for a friend, adds a data meter section, and more

Unlike storing information on your Android device or in the cloud, the human mind is bound to forget things. For instance, something as simple as a SIM card PIN number.

I’ve been a victim of this, which at some point led me to completely unsubscribe from the idea of having to enter a PIN number when logging into my SIM. Airtel became a darling because all they needed was a ‘0000’ to get things going. I don’t even have to provide any PIN number when getting into my Airtel SIM card, but that has its implications as well. Luckily, you can still activate the feature if you want to.

Safaricom also lets you disable PIN code request when logging in, but the company is making things easier for people who tend to forget their SIM card PIN numbers and resolve to disabling this basic privacy and security feature. Of course, the result of forgetting a PIN number is you’ll easily end up with a blocked SIM. To unblock it, you’ll need your PUK code.

The PUK code is also printed on the SIM card holder, but as I write this, I tried locating mine and couldn’t. Luckily, mySafaricom app has a feature that lets you not only see your PUK number but also request the same for your friend,  just in case s/he has blocked a SIM card and can’t access the SIM card holder.


The feature is part of the latest mySafaricom update that bumps up the app to version, but that’s not all you get.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • You can now help a friend get PUK (PIN Unblocking Key) easily.  Select My Account to access the service.
  • Tunukiwa offers are now available under Deals (Platinum)
  • Data Meter will make it easier for you to keep up with your data usage
  • Bill Manager and QR Code enhancements.
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As mentioned above, the feature to request your friend’s PUK code can be found under My Account > PUK section.

MySafaricom-AKThe usual options that appeared here before the update are now under “Balances.” Also, the “Airtime Top up” section has now been moved into the “My Account” section and sits beside the PUK tab.

Also included in the new update is a data meter section that is accessible straight from the home screen, where you can see the total amount of data you’ve used over a given period of time.

MySafaricom data meter

You can also see data usage for individual apps, from the data hogs down the line, just like it was before this update. This is a useful addition especially for the many people that keep ranting on Safaricom’s social media pages about how the telco “eats” their data.

MySafaricom data

In the updated version, Safaricom says there are some enhancements to the Bill Manager and QR Code. Also, Platinum Plans is now the new home for Tunukiwa offers and can be found under the Deals section, but as of this writing, this change hasn’t appeared on my side, which still has Tunukiwa on the home screen.

Do let us know if the full changes have applied to your mySafaricom app via the comments section below.

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