Google Assistant-powered speakers now work with Netflix on Android TV

Smart speakers, as I noted earlier, are some of the best things you can have in a typical home set up right. More importantly, if the smart speaker in question is powered by the Google Assistant. Granted they are not the be-all that some of us make them out to be but they get you a quarter-way towards getting some home automation done at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

The only problem, at least for those of who live in Kenya, is laying our hands on them. In most instances, one has to use third parties to ship such devices into the country or pay through the nose to access them from unscrupulous local dealers.

However, once that hurdle is overcome, one is hurriedly met by some of its limitations. Like, for instance, having to still turn to the good old TV or media streamer remote controller to control the most popular streaming video-on-demand service in the world, Netflix, when using Google’s TV platform, Android TV.

That has been the case for me for over almost a year.

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According to the good people at Android Police, that problem hasn’t been limited to just me and other users of media streamers like the Xiaomi Mi Box 3 or Android TV on, well, TV. Apparently, it’s a well-known problem that Google has been out to address for a while and now it has finally done so.

While I am yet to try this out on my Google Assistant-powered smart speaker, you’ll have to take Android Police‘s word for it, for now.

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