New Galaxy Note 10 “official” images show us what Samsung has in store

It is not exactly the first time that we are getting a good look at what Samsung is preparing to show the whole world next month. We have had glimpses, albeit brief, of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 before.

However, just 4 weeks to the device’s planned official unveiling in New York, it was only a matter of time before someone took matters in their own hands and spilt everything. That has happened and now instead of the blurry photos and renders we’ve been treated to in the past as the rumour mill went on overdrive, we have now what appear to be the very first official press images of the device.

At this point, come what may on August 7th, you can be certain that this is exactly how the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will look like:

Besides the various colour options (including that beautiful gradient) that Samsung will be availing, the company, it is being reported, will also have 256GB, 512GB and 1TB variants of the device.

As can be expected, a 5G variant of the Galaxy Note 10 is also in the works and should be out at around the same time as the other models, a huge departure from the current arrangement that saw the 5G model of Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10, show up months later. This is the device that is most likely to exclusively pack the 1 terabytes of onboard storage space. That makes sense since having access to 1Gbps data connections means that the likelihood of content that one gets from the internet gobbling up any available space is quite high.

Given that the 5G version of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ that packs 1TB internal storage costs over Kshs 185,000 as per current exchange rates, and is not even available for sale locally (for obvious reasons), anyone salivating at the prospects of getting it should ready their pockets for some serious damage. That should be true of any variant of the device as well, not just the 5G variant. Even when there are enough indicators that features such as the 3.5mm headphone jack will be missing in action.

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Everything points to Samsung breaking with tradition and offering 2 different sizes for the device, a first since late 2014 when the company introduced both the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge to the world. The standard (or small, as some are calling it) Galaxy Note 10 is said to pack a 6.3-inch display while the Plus variant is said to stretch the boundaries to 6.7 inches!

We have a few more weeks to get all the details.

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