Kilimall delivers belly ring instead of tongue ring, rejects refund request, asks customer to straighten up belly ring and use it as tongue ring


It’s nothing unusual for an online retailer to deliver the wrong product. You’d think that in such cases, the process of returning the product for the merchant to try once again and deliver the right product would be seamless, especially if the product in question isn’t tampered with. If the requested product isn’t available, one would either be advised to wait or get a refund. However, online retailer Kilimall is taking jokes to the next level. Lol.

Apparently, a tweep (@JewelsDesiree) from Nakuru ordered a Steel Rhinestone Ball Barbell Bar Tongue Studs Piercing Pin Jewelry (damn!) or simply a tongue ring from Kilimall and instead, they got a belly ring. At their Nakuru delivery offices, the staff wasn’t of much help.

On request for a return, the retailer rejected. Seemingly, the retailer also rejected the request for a refund. Then came Twitter, where the keyboard warrior behind the Kilimall handle even went ahead and asked for the order number to “advise accordingly,” a gesture the customer didn’t seem to buy.

After carefully reviewing the case, Kilimall conveniently responded with what is a big joke. In the tweet, the retailer says that “Unfortunately, we cannot allow the return of the order because it is sensitive [and] no other customer can use it. Kindly straighten up the ring since it is made up of soft material” and use it as a tongue ring as she intended.

Here’s what happened in a series of tweets:

  1. Kilimall rejected @JewelsDesiree’s request for a refund/return after they delivered the wrong product.

2. Even after rejecting her return/refund request, they still requested for the order number to “advise accordingly” after she took to Twitter. She didn’t buy it.

3. And then came the bomb!

I don’t even know anything about tongue and belly rings, but this is as rude it can get. This isn’t what you’d expect from an online retailer like Kilimall, yet here we are. While I’m honestly saddened by this case, I can’t stop laughing at this ballsy respond. Lol.

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