Tecno Spark 4 family is on its way to the Kenyan market

About half a year since Tecno introduced the Spark 3 into the Kenyan market, the Chinese device maker is on course to delivering a successor soon.

How soon? We are not too sure but we can look out for it over the next few days. Yes, days. As soon as this coming weekend.

The Tecno Spark series launched a while back to accommodate the low-end segment of the market while delivering good value for money, has since morphed to become Tecno’s youth-focused product. It complements the camera-centred Camon series by providing its users with stepped down features from the former.

As the fourth generation device, the new Tecno Spark smartphone will be called Tecno Spark 4.

In keeping up with the trend it entrenched this year with the standard model Spark 3 and the Spark 3 Pro, there will also be a pro variant this time around. How that pans out is still anyone’s guess since there’s already a Tecno Spark 4 Air out there.

This brings back memories of early 2017 when Tecno launched a new member of the camera-centric Camon series (which itself is already getting updated) accompanied by an “Air” variant, the Camon CX Air.

One of the biggest changes expected in the new fourth-generation Tecno Spark smartphones is the addition of 4G LTE network connectivity to (maybe?) all models on offer. With the previous generation, only the Tecno Spark 3 Pro, the superior device of the two on offer, could connect to 4G networks.

Our fingers are crossed on support for VoLTE on both Safaricom and Jamii Telecommunications (JTL) but it is advisable that everyone keeps their expectations on the low when it comes to this.

With the Spark 3 and Spark 3 Pro having taken care of the dual-cameras, is it time that Tecno brought the triple camera setup that can be found on its flagship Phantom 9 to the Spark series as well? Also, do you notice the paradox introduced by the lead image we have used above?

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It is worth noting that the Spark 4 series has already been launched elsewhere – in India – and we are just waiting to see what Tecno is bringing to our market. For instance, while the Tecno Spark 4 Air is available in India, there is no hint of the standard variant of the device. Neither is there any Tecno Spark 4 “Pro” out there. Well, at least that makes for some good speculation until everything is official.

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