8 Black Friday app and game deals on the Google Play Store

‘Tis the season!

While we may not have anything to do with the formal festivities around Black Friday (it’s Thanksgiving season in the United States, for instance), who says that we can’t benefit from the deals available at this time?

If you don’t have the kind of money that getting some new hardware requires, then you can take solace in the software which tends to be affordable, for the most part.

Even better, now that you can pay for apps and games on the Google Play Store through M-Pesa and getting a virtual card is so easy, what’s your excuse?

The following are discounted apps and games available on the Play Store right now (and have been for the last few days leading up to today):

NBA 2K20

The NBA basketball season is in top gear. For those that, on top of staying up late and waking up early, just can’t get enough of the action on the court, video games, as always, present some of the best ways to relive the game long after the matches have ended.

Is there a better way to do so than on one’s smartphone wherever they are?

For Kshs 400 off, that is possible for just about anyone with a half-decent feature set to handle the intense demands of the game.

Play Store link

The Room: Old Sins

The fourth entry in the popular ‘The Room’ puzzle game series keeps the fun going by trying as much as possible to take your faculties to task all in the name of recreation. If you’re the type that will be trying hard not to think of the Excel workbooks you will be coming back to in January as you take a breather this holiday, there are very few better ways to keep your mind occupied but still as sharp as this.

For the same amount that you will pay for NBA 2K20 (Kshs 200), your mind will be kept busy.

Play Store link

Final Fantasy 9

For fans of the¬†Final Fantasy¬†franchise, there’s no excuse not to get the latest instalment. I mean, a price drop of Kshs 1,000 is a good deal, right?

For those that have yet to get hooked and who love football, I can promise you that, just like the pre-2019 Zidane who delivered back-to-back European trophies, the Zidane of this game doesn’t disappoint.

Play Store link

tinyCam Pro

If you have compatible cameras in your house, this app can be the best thing in the world. It will be your baby monitor, your go-to surveillance tool when you’re away… It’s down to Kshs 400 on the Play Store this Black Friday.

Play Store link

NetX Network Tools Pro

If your home internet keeps on being throttled for usage patterns that you suspect aren’t exactly yours, there are few ways of trying to weed out the offender(s). Like logging in to your home network management console from a desktop browser and wading throw the menus that are specific to your router or other equipment that you have. Or, for the networking nerds among us, netshing your way out of everything. Or, you know, you could just rely on your smartphone to mulika mwizi. I mean, it’s a mobile world, isn’t it?

NetX Network Tools Pro comes in very handy for that and, for a fraction of the much you pay for your internet every month, why wouldn’t you forgo a day’s lunch to get it?

Play Store link

Photo Exif Editor Pro – Metadata Editor

Those photos you will be posting next month from somewhere in Nakuru county in a state that is higher than a plane’s final climbing altitude? Careful, they could be used to track you down either by a disgruntled significant other you lied to that you’re going to buy bread and it’s been 16 hours since you left, random internet strangers or even authorities eager to ensure compliance with the law.

Not that it will mean much for the latter if they are out to get you but you could avoid random privacy lapses by just removing any location information that your photos pick up before posting. This app is there to make that process easy for just Kshs 200 this Black Friday.

Play Store link

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker

Music streaming is nice and all but given the nature of the holidays – long travels, days or weeks without a connection to the national electricity grid – may mean that you’d probably need those Pentatonix (try them, they’re awesome) Christmas carols stored locally.

Poweramp is one of the best music apps and media players on the Android platform with diverse features.

Recently, it has not only picked up a fresh coat of paint, but it has also been updated to include Chromecast support meaning that you won’t need to fumble with Bluetooth pairing as you take a breather this holiday season. Just one tap on your phone and the music that was playing in your headsets is now what’s playing for everyone enjoying a cold one with you.

For just Kshs 120, you get lifetime access to our most favourite music app. This is down from the Kshs 200 it has been going for locally for a while so, what’s your excuse for not getting it now? This is the best app deal, period.

Play Store link

Power Audio Pro

If Poweramp, for some reason or the other (what could that possibly be, though?) doesn’t satisfy your needs, there is an alternative: Power Audio Pro.

Play Store link


Of course, in any given list, there’ll be those applications that are not for everyone. This is one of those.

Targeting those who care to go above and beyond what their device makers want them to, this app that bills itself as “The Most Advanced GFX Tool” makes a powerhouse out of what would ordinarily be pretty average hardware.

If you’ll be playing lots of games this holiday season, especially on any of the many devices from Chinese smartphone brands that are not in the top 5, this is an app that you may need in order to get the most of the good experiences that we know can be delivered these days by mobile games.

From changing resolutions to unlocking HDR graphics on your sub-Kshs 20,000 smartphone, this app will do it all for the price of Kshs 200.

Play Store link

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Lara Croft GO

For fans of the Tomb Raider series, is there a better way to unwind than to do so with a puzzle based on one of Square Enix’s popular game franchises?

Lara Croft GO is down to just Kshs 200 on the Play Store and should be a worthy pick for anyone who goes with The Room game highlighted above or skips it.

Play Store link

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