Only 1 Nokia smartphone has received a security update in February – what’s going on?

The month of February is quickly drawing to an anti-climatic end.

Anti-climatic because some unfortunate occurrences around the world have meant that Mobile World Congress 2020 couldn’t happen.

One of the notable companies that cancelled their appearance at the annual mobile tech-focused trade event long before others pulled out and, eventually, the show was called off, was HMD Global.

Many were expecting HMD Global to, like it has done religiously since it brought back the Nokia phone brand from the dead, use the global platform MWC provides to unveil new devices. Of course, that will still happen but not with the hype and pomp that comes with a trade show.

Now, new devices aren’t the only no show from HMD Global. Updates, which the company’s string of Nokia-branded devices have become known for, are also missing in action.

The latest update to the Nokia update tracker on the Nokia Mobile website shows that no device from among the several that HMD Global is actively supporting by way of software updates, has received its February 2020 security update.

Most of the devices, at least going by the tracker, are stuck on the January 2020 patch that most of them got while also receiving their scheduled Android 10 upgrades.

Not captured by the tracker, though, is the fact the Nokia 9 Pureview has received its February 2020 security patch recently in the form of a minor 8.7 megabytes update.

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According to the Android Security Bulletin detailing the fixes that arrive with this month’s security update, only vulnerabilities affecting the Android framework and system, identified in the past and recently, have been fixed. There are no issues identified for fixing in the Google Play system this month.

This development is not unusual among Android device makers but it is almost unheard of in Nokialand. Since it started releasing Android-powered devices, Nokia devices have developed a reputation for getting security patches in a timely manner so it’s interesting to know why there’s been a delay in seeding the February security patches to them.

January 2020, by any standards in the Android world is still impressive but…

Better yet, there are still a few days before we wrap up the month so there is still a chance things could change over the next few hours.

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