An early look at the realme 6: 3 favourite things

The realme 6 is finally here with us.

The device from a smartphone brand that is very new in the local market has so many expectations. That it will accelerate the steam that the realme C3 has managed to generate since its launch at the start of the month.

While that remains to be seen, I have had with me the realme 6 for the last few days for a review, which is still on the way, and there are a few things that I have picked out that stand out for me and that will be the glue that keeps me coming back to the device over the next few days.

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1. Design

A device with a 6.47-inch display is obviously not going to feel small by any means. Either by design or it’s just familiarity’s case, the realme 6 is a very compact device that manages to draw you in. The positioning of the buttons and all else that you’d need to access as far as the tangible side of things goes, is such that they are all within reach for anyone with medium-sized hands.

For the intangible aspects, the Google search bar, for instance, stays at the very bottom of the home screen. And, should you need more, there’s lots of gestures to work. Unfortunately, double-tap to wake/sleep isn’t one of those so you’ll still need to either raise the device to wake it up or, work that side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

2. Cameras

Other than the small matter of taking so many selfies only to realize that the dreaded beauty mode that makes my already ashy face look even more ashen was in place and I had to turn it off/select a “natural” (filter?) mode, it’s been off to a good start with the realme 6’s 5 cameras.

So far, the portrait mode on the device is impressive.

I am still taking the device through its paces so you can expect a more thorough rundown of how the cameras perform and some samples in the review. Keep an eye out for that.

3. Battery life

A 5,000mAh battery unit, the realme 6 does not have. What it does have, however, is a 4,300mAh unit that does just fine. How fine? Well, how about a full day fine? 6 hours of screen on time by the time the battery is two-thirds through with mild usage over the first 24 hours?

I didn’t expect to have battery anxiety with this device and it has delivered very well.

This is important because it reflects a lot on other aspects of this device like how well it performs and the hardware-software interplay and how I am going to experience them over the next few days and weeks as I review it.

The realme 6 is available for Kshs 30,000.

WATCH: realme 6 unboxing.

There are so many things to like about the realme 6. There’s the high-refresh display, for instance, the performance, the interaction with the realme UI… Look out for all those in our upcoming review.

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