Android 11 beta available for Oppo A93, here’s how you can get it right away

Oppo has been rolling out Android 11 albeit in beta since mid-September as ColorOS 11.

A roadmap shared when the Chinese device maker first unveiled ColorOS 11 indicated that Oppo mid-range smartphones like those in Oppo’s A series would begin to get the new firmware starting in December.

Since it would only hit markets weeks after that announcement, the Oppo A93 wasn’t included and the devices listed then included its predecessor, the Oppo A92 alongside other A-series devices.

Having launched and become available 3 months ago, the Oppo A93 is now finally getting its bump up to Android 11.

The ColorOS 11 beta for the device, which is what brings with it Android 11 (beta) is currently available for direct over-the-air download and installation by Oppo A93 users in Kenya (and most likely elsewhere as well).

All that one needs to do is go to the Software Update section of the Settings application, click on the (another) settings icon at the top, click on Trial version, select ColorOS 11 official version, key in their email address (or phone number), agree to the terms and get on their way. Easy.

The update clocks in at just over 3 gigabytes (3.17GB), as can be seen above.

ColorOS 11 brings with it sweeping changes to the user interface with users being able to choose “between three variations of the system-wide dark mode introduced in Android 10 – pitch dark, blue dark and grey dark – with the ability to have their icons and wallpapers automatically tuned to reflect their chosen dark mode shade” as we noted back in September.

Outside visual appeal, ColorOS 11 also features “deep Google Lens integration with screenshots users take being easy to translate in a feature dubbed Three Finger Translate that Oppo says was developed in close partnership with Google.”

“The Battery Guard feature “prevents damage from prolonged charging at unstable power voltages by learning user habits” and then pausing charging automatically when it hits the 80% mark at night “before resuming to achieve a full charge by the time users wake up.””. Read more on ColorOS 11 here.

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Exciting as this may be, Kenyan users of the Oppo A93 may want to stay away from this beta for now since a number of key applications like mobile banking apps, may not be supported. If you have a spare phone you can be using for bank transactions using your bank’s app then you can go ahead and install the beta. Otherwise, you have to choose between being on the fast lane of software updates and your money. I think we all know what will win.

The final and stable builds of ColorOS 11 are expected in the coming weeks.

Oppo is expected to update about 30 smartphones to Android 11.

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