Oppo Reno5: Fast-charging champ

There are two things that stand out when it comes to the Oppo Reno5’s battery and things related with it.

First, the battery lasts a little longer than I expected it to. I mean, it’s a 4,310mAh unit that somehow finds itself in a device that is 7.7mm thin.

Secondly, it charges fast!

You know, we use the word “charge” to also imply running fast and, to be honest, that is exactly what happens with the Oppo Reno5. As long as you use the charging brick and cable that come in the device’s box.

The charging brick is rated at 65W. Being the necessary ingredient to bring to fruition Oppo’s proprietary charging technology, VOOC, it is front and centre of the entire experience, And it is bulky. The interesting thing? I found out, over my one month of using it to juice up the Reno5, that it doesn’t heat up at all. Given how it, astonishingly charges the device, that is very assuring that you’ll get tip-top performance from your device’s battery without worrying about its longevity every passing hour of the day.

The fast-charging, in theory, and in practice, works easily. When you’re low on battery and need to top up, just reach for the device and plug it in (USB cable and charging brick that came in the box) and that is all. Stick around (don’t go far) and watch it work its magic.

For the specifics, here is how that magic can be measured – or at least the outcome of my measurement:

  • 0% to 100% – takes between 50 and 52 minutes. 48 minutes is the advertised time but I found that my device needed the extra 2 minutes. That’s negligible so Oppo does deliver on its promise.
  • It takes just 20 minutes to go from 0% to 50%
  • In just over half an hour, the device has already charged up to the 80% mark
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What the above means is that whatever your situation, you’ll be able to go with the Reno5 wherever you want because the battery charge won’t be what is holding you back. I mean, the 20-minute top-up that gets me 50% from 0 is mostly all that I need for my working day.

In terms of longevity, the battery drain is so good that it is not something I can complain about. The device, when fully charged, holds on its own and only gives in after the screen has been on for about 7 hours. That is usually after a day of use, without any gaming activity.

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