New Safaricom Home Fibre rates – effective July 2021

Safaricom has revised the pricing of its Fibre-to-the-Home product, Home Fibre, starting July 8, 2021.

Following the coming into effect of the Finance Act, 2021, which included amendments to the Excise Duty Act, 2015, raising the excise duty payable on “telephone and internet data services” from 15%, as implemented from 2018, to 20%, the new rates for Safaricom Home Fibre are as follows:

PackageSpeeds (Mbps)Price (Kshs)
Bronze Plus84,049
Silver Plus205,150
Gold Plus407,349
Diamond Plus10013,549

Things you should know

As captured above, the changes also affect the Internet Plus, also referred to as the “Home Fibre Plus”, offering. Under it, Home Fibre subscribers can also opt to bundle voice minutes, data and unlimited SMS to their monthly home internet subscription at an additional cost of Kshs 1,050 (on top of the specific Home Fibre package’s cost). This will grant them 5GB of data, 400 minutes and unlimited text messages on their phone on the Safaricom network.

As was the case before, Home Fibre Plus is not accessible to non-Home Fibre subscribers.

It is worth noting that Home Fibre Plus resources do not roll over when one extends or renews their subscription every month.

While it is not possible to sambaza Home Fibre Plus resources, one can opt to have them allocated to a number that is different from the one tied to their Home Fibre account.

The Home Fibre service’s terms of operation like the 1:4 contention ratio and the need to pay the above amounts for the specific package 30 days in advance remain unchanged.

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Early this year, Safaricom announced that it was making permanent a decision to increase the speeds of Home Fibre subscribers in early 2020 as a means of encouraging working, learning and undertaking other activities that required an internet connection, from home at the onset of the pandemic.

Last year, Safaricom introduced a fair usage policy that remains in effect and will see speeds of subscribers to the Bronze package reduced to just 1Mbps when they exceed the half a terabyte fair usage limit. Those on the other packages will see their speeds capped at 3Mbps when they exceed the set 1 terabyte fair usage limit.

Safaricom has also revised the rates of users making calls, sending texts and browsing out of bundle. Check them out here.

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