WhatsApp rolling out large 512 member groups feature to everyone

For the longest time, one of the biggest draws to Telegram, one of WhatsApp’s main competitors in the messenger space, has been the ability to place people in what the app, until just a few years ago, called “Supergroups” i.e. the ability to add as many people as possible to a chat group. With WhatsApp slowly introducing as many features that the competition has been using to one-up it as possible, that was one of the few remaining uncharted territories.

Until a few days ago when the ability to create groups with up to 512 members (double the then limit of 256 members) started showing up to some beta testers of the app.

Now, WhatsApp is bringing the same feature function to all of its over 2 billion users around the world in a staggered release.

Granted, a 512 group member limit isn’t anywhere close to the 200,000 member limit on Telegram, let’s be real, who needs that many people in a group? Maybe a city mayor?

While making the announcement about the ability to add up to 512 members to a group, WhatsApp also matched Telegram’s other feature: the ability to share large files, capped at 2GB, an upgrade from the measly 100 megabytes the platform previously limited its users to.

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