Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro set for October 13th release

The second half of the year is shaping up to be an interesting season in the flagship Android market. We recently reported on the Galaxy Fold 4 and the Flip 4 being scheduled for an August 10th release, and now a new report indicates that Google has lined up the Pixel 7 and the 7 Pro for a release two months later on the 13th of October.

The Pixel 7 news comes from YouTuber and FrontPageTech writer Jon Prosser who is extremely knowledgeable on the inner workings of Google and has previously been the first to report on the release dates of the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, the Pixel 5a in 2021 among other scoops regarding the search engine giant.

Jon claims he has received the news from “very reputable sources” so this has a very high chance of being accurate unless Google shuffles the date a bit later down the line due to unforeseen circumstances.

As a build-up to the release, Jon explains that there will be an event one week before on the 6th of October and pre-orders for the two devices will be opened on the same day.

He however distances himself from any claims regarding the pricing, saying that he has no info on how much they will be sold for and what specs the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are packing.

He only mentions that they will be “very reminiscent” of last year’s versions, which corroborates the rumours that have been flying around indicating that the Pixel 7 lineup will be an evolution of the Pixel 6 series building on the design that was established last year, rather than a complete overhaul and introducing a radical shift in design and tone.

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We have known about the existence of the Pixel 7 for a while, as Google announced it a while back in May during the annual Google I/O developer conference. However, its specifications have not yet been officially released which is interesting for a company that regularly has leaks regarding its upcoming products.

The Pixel 7 series promises minor changes in specifications and price, which will put the device in a sort of no man’s land between the middle-range devices and the high-end ones, where the likes of the iPhone 13 series and the Galaxy S22 series currently occupy.

This pricing, coupled with the Pixel’s exceptional camera performance has always been enough for the series to be a fan favourite and I expect this to be the same case with the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro unless Google drops the ball and messes badly in one area.

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