Bixby, the personal assistant on the Samsung Galaxy S8, is helpful, futuristic and lacking at the same time

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Opera Max

One app that does it all: using Opera Max to take control of your data

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Today Weather app widget

5 weather apps you should be using on your Android device

1. Weather Timeline Sam Ruston’s Weather Timeline is the best weather app…

Infinix S2 Pro

Infinix S2 Pro review: much ado about selfies

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5 Android news apps you should be using

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Cornerfly lets your smartphone screen mimic those of 2017 heavy hitters like the LG G6

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5 good Android apps for catching up on Kenyan news

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Infinix S2 Pro

Infinix S2 Pro: Thoughts on Infinix’s “wefie” phone

Here it is in the flesh: the Infinix S2 Pro

Music Mate is a new Android app that makes finding official music videos on YouTube easier

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