BlackBerry launches Notable, a new content creation and sharing app for BlackBerry device users

While BlackBerry may have given up on designing and making its own devices, it is still keen on the content that the devices its partners (currently from just Asia – Indonesia, China and India) pack. Sure, it is using Android but the Canadian company that once dominated the global smartphone market before most of the world even knew what a smartphone was, is not giving up on the software.

Its latest work is an application it dubs “a content creation and sharing” tool. That is to say, like its name (Notable) suggests, the app lets you create notes and share them with friends, family and colleagues. Basically, anyone you can contact.

The whole point of Notable is simple: provide users with a means to scribble, doodle and annotate on images in a little nice note-taking app and then letting them share their creations with the world. Where it will come in handy will be in instances where you take a screenshot of something you are doing or working on on your device and get to interact with it by way of marking parts of it and sending it to your intended recipient. This could be a circle for something that needs work or the addition of extra ears on something that is meant to create a light moment.

Notable is part of the BlackBerry Hub+ suite of applications, which are openly and freely* available to other Android users. Access to Notable, though, is restricted to BlackBerry’s own PRIV, DTEK50 and DTEK60 smartphones on the Play Store (maybe it works on other devices as well), a situation that will change in coming months.

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*there’s a fee for those who don’t like ads

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