Video calling finally comes to Signal Messenger, still in beta

Secure messaging application Signal is being updated to bring video calling to all its users.

Even though the feature is still under testing, all users of the app will be able to securely make voice and video calls to other users who have the updated application and enabled the feature.

The feature showed up in beta versions of the application last week. To enable it, just as was the case in the beta app, users will have to go to Settings -> Advanced -> Video calling beta in the app.

According to the Signal team, not everyone will be getting the feature right away, though. Its rollout is staggered meaning that certain users in certain regions will get it before others. “We’re rolling it out in stages to collect feedback from people with different devices, networks, and regions in order to ensure there are no surprises when it’s enabled for everyone by default.”

Haven’t tried out Signal yet? Give it a spin by installing it from the Play Store.

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