Samsung Galaxy S8 launch date to be revealed at MWC 2017

Samsung is expected to unveil its 2017 flagship smartphone at an event in New York sometime in March. When exactly? We’ll get to find out in a few weeks’ time when MWC 2017 gets underway.

Samsung will be holding an event at the weeklong mobile nerd fest in the Catalan city of Barcelona where it will be showcasing its latest high-end tablet, the Galaxy Tab S3, and according to reports from its home country, Korea, is widely expected to disclose the exact date that the Galaxy S8 will be unveiled globally.

Traditionally, Samsung has unveiled its flagship smartphone at MWC in recent years. However, after the scandal that was the botched rollout of the Galaxy Note 7, the company is said to be very keen with the minute details and last-second finishing going into its 2017 hero device.

In Q4 2016, Samsung saw its status as the number 1 smartphone vendor in the world stolen by Apple which managed to ship a whopping 78.3 million smartphones compared to Samsung’s 77.5 million units of its Android-powered Galaxy smartphones. The previous quarter, Samsung had temporarily ceded the top Android smartphone maker crown to Chinese company Huawei after it was forced to halt sales of its then flagship device, the Galaxy Note 7.

The Galaxy S8 is expected to restore faith in the Samsung Galaxy brand as well as its lead in the smartphone field with a slew of innovations including a digital assistant, Bixby.

Rumours point to the Galaxy S8 being launched officially on March 29th and starting to sell in several launch markets on April 21st. We’ll sure be getting the full picture soon.

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March 29th in New York City it is! Samsung has just confirmed.

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