Popular Twitter app Flamingo gets a new icon

Have you heard about Flamingo? It’s an application, exclusive to Android, that will totally change your mobile Twitter experience.

Since last year, Flamingo has garnered rave reviews from users. And now it is adding several new features as well as a swanky new app icon.

The old icon
The new icon

Some of the new features include better hashtag suggestions, (finally) verified icon on avatars, rounded GIFs, threads for tweet replies, new animations, custom time/date formats and many more.

In case you really liked the old Flaming icon and desire to go back to it after updating, there’s an easy way to do just that! Simply slide out the hamburger menu on the side, go to Settings, go to Advanced and scroll all the way down to the App icon section where you can pick from a dozen options.

You can download Flamingo from the Play Store if you haven’t tried it out yet. However, like any decent Twitter client out there, you may need to part with a few notes to get the ultimate Twitter mobile experience.

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Emmanuel Chenze

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