Popular Twitter app Fenix to get new version “soon”

Nothing to see here. Just me getting excited over an application I really like. Actually, one of the few really nicely done Twitter applications on the Android platform. It would be number one if Flamingo didn’t exist.

According to whoever runs Fenix’s Twitter account, other fans of the app can join me in crossing our fingers for the update which is now confirmed but we don’t have a specific date to put on our calendars. But really, just this piece of information is enough for us.

Other popular Twitter apps over the years have included Joaquim Verge‘s Falcon Pro, Talon and Finch. Twitter’s own app, which was Verge’s project for the last one and a half years when he commandeered its upgrade to Material Design, remains widely popular thanks to a deliberate push by the company to steer users to it (for instance, for one to view polls, third party apps don’t help much and one has to resort to using the official Twitter Android app) and the fact that it is free unlike some of the third party alternatives like Fenix.

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Emmanuel Chenze

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