Secure messaging app Signal starts testing video calls


Signal is one of several applications that users are resorting to in their quest to guard their privacy when talking to friends online. The app, made by Whisper Systems uses the “Signal Protocol” to encrypt user data (mostly text-based chats) and make sure it does not end up in the wrong hands or being viewed by unintended eyes.

According to some hawk-eyed users, the Signal app on Android may soon be receiving a feature that will delight many that may have been held up in other messaging applications because of its absence on Signal: video calling.

The beta version of the app (you can sign up as a beta tester here) now presents users with an option to make video calls.

The feature is still in testing and there are no timelines as to when or if it will eventually be made available. However, we can already smell its imminent arrival.

Other messaging applications like WhatsApp and Messenger, both owned by Facebook, have had video calling functionality as one of the main attractive features to users for a while now. Late last year, Google unveiled its own video calling app, Duo.

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