BlackBerry’s newest Android app aims to keep all the nosy people in your life at bay

How many times have you been using your smartphone in public transport when that dreaded email from HR on your recent performance review just arrived and you are itching to open it but can’t since your next seat neighbour can’t help but stare at your screen?

How many times has that text message from your bank that also includes sensitive details like your current account balance arrived while you’re using your device in the full glare of people who shouldn’t be looking at it anyway?

If that sounds remotely like you in any of the two instances imagined above then BlackBerry has a solution for you.

Privacy Shade is a new application from the Waterloo-based company that “will let you read emails, messages and personal content at any time without worrying about snoopers, even if someone is looking over your shoulder. The app allows you to view private information in public places – like on the train or in a restaurant – by obscuring the parts of the screen that you’re not actively viewing or using, while still allowing you to interact with the obscured parts.”

Privacy Shade is available to every Android device running Android 7.0 or higher through the Play Store (none of my devices is supported, yet, but that could be a case of region lock).

BlackBerry announced the app alongside other announcements on updates to its Hub suite which now supports popular messenger app Telegram, Android Wear notifications and dual-SIM phones.

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