Google Play Store gets ‘Free App of the Week’ section

If you’ve been following our young @androidkenyan Twitter account then you must have noticed that we have doubled down on occasionally highlighting the various paid/premium apps that go free at least on a weekly basis (like this one). That’s because by nature we all love free things. However, with the demise of the once-upon-a-time popular free app per day service AppGratis last month, we haven’t been left with so many options.

Thankfully, Google is now allowing developers to drop the price(s) of apps down to $0.00 unlike previously where they were capped at $0.99.

Now Google is taking things a notch higher with its own free app of the week section right in the Play Store. That’s not the “free app of the day” we were used to from the AppGratis folks nor is it anywhere close from a similar daily free app offering by Amazon’s app store but it is close. After all, better this than nothing at all, right?

The first free app of the week is the Card Wars – Adventure Time game which normally costs $2.99. While you can click through and take advantage of the offer from anywhere in the world (Kenya included), access to the free app of the week section seems limited to users in certain countries like the United States only.

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