Samsung devices get their own “special” Cortana app from Microsoft

Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, is not new to Android. It has been available on the platform since late 2015 and can be installed on pretty much any Android device out there.

But what if you are the world’s largest maker of Android devices? You can get some preferential treatment, right?

That appears to be the case at the moment with the arrival on the Google Play Store of a “special version” of Cortana meant just for Samsung devices.

Dubbed Cortana for Samsung and listed in the Photography category, the yet-to-be released app doesn’t appear to be any different from the standard Cortana app that users can download from the Play Store.

It is not clear at this point, since the app’s description doesn’t give away anything and it’s just a copy paste of the standard app’s, whether the app can be expected to offer any new features. What’s clear, though, is that it only works with Samsung devices. None of my non-Samsung devices is listed as being supported.

Microsoft and Samsung have had a special relationship for a while now that has seen the former’s productivity apps preloaded on the latter’s devices.

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