Microsoft Azure finally has an Android app

Over the next 2 days, Microsoft faithful – the company’s fans, enthusiasts, watchers and developers – are gathered in Seattle to witness this year’s Build conference. It’s Microsoft’s own I/O, the annual gathering of our types (Android faithful). Surprisingly, there are some good news that touch on Android just as Build 2017 is getting started.

Users of Microsoft’s public enterprise-centred cloud platform Azure are finally getting an Android app to help them manage and monitor their Azure resources.

For those lost on the type of cloud computingĀ tasks that Azure handles: Microsoft Azure is not your typical cloud computing service that allows you to directly upload your selfies and work on documents. It is bigger than that. It can actually host such a service for you. It is meant for developers and enterprises to build, deploy and manage their apps while benefiting from the advantage of Microsoft’s wide global data centre network – which in essence means that an app or service can be served to users from any location in the world even when there’s failure at one point of hosting.

As such, this is mostly good news for developers around the world who have one less service to compel them to carry with them their laptops to dinner parties. You know, just in case things are not running okay.

Developers, who install the app from the Play Store, will be able to start and stop virtual machines from the app among other things.

Azure is not yet available in any part of the African continent.

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