‘Winter is Here’ as is this Game of Thrones chatbot from Catch Digital

Winter is here. Don’t trust me? It’s snowing (read: hailstorms) in Marakwet and some other parts of Kenya. Yup, this photo (see below) is not from one of those scenic Game of Thrones sets in Northern Ireland or elsewhere in Europe.

Only that there are no white walkers and even though one can build a wall to prevent imaginary white walkers from climbing up those Rift Valley escarpments and reaching human settlements, this is Kenya, not Donald Trump’s land.

We’re in the homestretch to the premier of the much-awaited season 7 of the world’s most popular television series, Game of Thrones. As is always the case, the excitement, anxiety and frenzy in the run up to July 16th, is over the top.

Will we get to see the much hyped battle of the queens?

How will Daenerys be received in King’s Landing after a long absence from the iron throne by any Targaryen?

While we’ll have to wait for a few more days to get answers to the most burning questions, we can make do with some Game of Thrones trivia and answers to less burning questions from this Game of Thrones chatbot created by Catch Digital, a London-based digital agency credited with running some of the most successful digital campaigns involving various companies and brands that are its clients.

Even the bot knows R + L = J

It’s fun, witty and just as frustrating as the Game of Thrones showrunners and their infamous character killing. Just when the story of a character you’re out to find out much information about is getting interesting, the bot cuts it short. Maybe brevity is something most users of the bot will appreciate. After all, that’s why they’re using an app like Messenger to get to know more about often-overlooked characters like Grey Worm, Daario and Rhaegar Targaryen, Jon Snow’s biological father. Maybe that’s why I am waiting on George RR Martin to finish up The Winds of Winter, the sixth installment in the A Song of Ice and Fire book series that the entire show is based on.

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One more thing: do you mind checking out the Android Kenya bot on Messenger? It’s nowhere being as witty and chatty as the GoT chatbot but that’s where you come in, to help make it better.


Marakwet snow photo by Vincent Bartoo

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