You can already buy the Infinix Note 4 in Kenya through Jumia

Infinix Note 4 -black

Infinix Mobility launches its latest smartphone, the Infinix Note 4, on Monday, July 3rd. And that’s for Nigeria by the way. Even though word had gone out earlier that the Kenya launch would be happening on the same Monday, there hasn’t been much from the company’s local office (at least as far as I am concerned) to suggest a big formal launch of the device. Maybe it’s still coming, maybe it’s not. I don’t know.

What I know is that you don’t have to wait for anything. You can go out and buy the device from Jumia Kenya, right now.

For real.

Jumia has the blue and gold* coloured models on sale. For Kshs 14,000.

Of course we already know that the device will also be available in black, thanks to the images that leaked last week revealing the device in all its glory. Infinix and Jumia’s own press materials have the black model occupying prime space so it should show up when the Chinese device maker and its local retail partner are ready to tell you to go and buy the Note 4.

The device is expected to headline smartphone sales during Jumia’s upcoming 5th anniversary celebrations which also start on July 3rd.

These are the confirmed specifications of the Infinix Note 4.

What about the Infinix Note 4 Pro?

As you can sense, there is something else that is missing. The Infinix Note 4 Pro. It has become almost customary for Infinix devices to launch with accompanying Pro or Plus models. The Note 4’s predecessor had the Note 3 Pro. As such, the Note 4 is expected to follow suit.

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The Infinix Note 4 Pro’s existence was reportedly confirmed by the emergence of this invite in Nigeria (via

As per the invite, not only is the Infinix Note 4 Pro coming, it is also coming with a feature we haven’t seen before from Infinix, a stylus. What? Yes, that. In just four generations, Infinix’s phablet has completed the cycle to become a “true Note”. Not only does it have a large display and terrific battery life, it now features a stylus. What else won’t 2017 show us?

I mean, an Infinix Note-branded smartphone having an X-Pen? Does that sound familiar? It’s because it is. Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones with S Pens have existed for over half a decade now.

Maybe this Note 4 Pro is what will have the same exact 6-inch display that many users of the Note 3 would’ve expected the Note 4 to have?

Could it be that mysterious device that popped up on benchmarking sites this week that we keep thinking may be the Infinix Zero 5 Plus? The Infinix Note 3, after all, shares Infinix’s preferred model numbering scheme for 6-inch devices (X601).

We’ll get to know everything once it gets available.


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