Nokia 3, 5, 6 and 8 will also get Android P, HMD Global commits

There’s no end to these Nokia love stories are there? I mean, what’s not to like about HMD Global and its iconic brand right now? The Nokia-branded devices, which started arriving early in the year, seem to be at the forefront of everything good and positive about the Android platform and the entire smartphone market.

Their pricing is right, their design is outstanding, they’re the first in line to receive the monthly Android security updates even as others discontinue provision of the same on their devices, they run pure unadulterated Android builds, they’re on course to receiving the latest Android 8.0, Oreo and, wait for it, they are in line to receive Android P! Yes, Android P.

Android Oreo was just released the other day so at this point in time it’s premature to say anything about it but HMD Global has already committed to updating its entire product lineup to that future version of Android!

Speaking at an event to unveil the company’s latest device, the Nokia 8, in the Philippines, an HMD Global executive broke the good news on stage while responding to a reporter’s question on the company’s plans for future software updates to its devices.

Watch the video below to hear the same remarks being made (you can skip to the 40-minute mark and watch from there):

You’re doing well, HMD.

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