Samsung Galaxy Note 8 pre-order numbers suggest Galaxy Note 7 fiasco is dead and gone

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is already open for pre-orders via Safaricom while Samsung Mobile Kenya has also opened pre-registrations. As you may know already, the Note 8 goes for a whopping Ksh 105,000, which is Ksh 10,000 more than the price of the Galaxy S8+.

To be honest, I’m one person that believes the Galaxy Note 8 is worth the price tag, especially for the real Note fans. Ever since the “owners” of the Galaxy Note 4 I had owned for over a year came for it, I haven’t had a chance to use another Note device. I personally didn’t like the Galaxy Note 5 and so I’ve never thought about it. I was very excited about the Galaxy Note 7, but then the unexpected happened and the phone never reached the Kenyan market. Now that the Galaxy Note 8 is here, I really want it, but the price is scary. Really.

I’m confident there are many others out there who share the same views. And then there’s the real fan base that’s willing to do whatever it takes to get their hands on the new Note 8 despite the price tag. Apparently, the Note 8 has an even bigger fan base than the Galaxy S8 family – or at least it has the potential to surpass the duo’s sales.

According to a report coming from South Korea, the Galaxy Note 8 is on course to overtake the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in terms of sales. The company has previously confirmed that the S8 and S8+ have been selling much better than the S7 and S7 Edge, but it seems things are getting even better with respect to the Note 8. Up to now, about 400,000 people have already pre-ordered the Note 8 in Samsung’s home country and this is only day one.

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Just so you know, the Galaxy Note 7 managed a dismal 380,000 pre-orders in the first 13 days, yet it was way cheaper. Samsung has also pointed out that more people prefer to buy the 64GB model in Deep Sea Blue color variant. In Korea, this variant goes for 1.09 million won, which is equivalent to about Ksh 99,000.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If this demand is to maintain, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 should easily brush aside the demand for the Galaxy S8 and S8+. In comparison, the two phones managed a total of 550,000 pre-orders in the first two days and 1 million after 16 days. Analysts are also adamant that the Note 8 will soon clock one million pre-orders in South Korea alone, which should be a record for a Samsung Galaxy phone.

While these details are based on data collected in South Korea, we can’t say the same with respect to other markets. As noted earlier, Safaricom has already opened up pre-orders and Samsung Mobile Kenya is taking pre-registrations. We don’t have any figures from these two, which makes it hard for us to know how Samsung Galaxy Note 8 pre-sale is performing locally.

Nonetheless, what is evident here is that people are no longer bothered by the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. That’s dead and gone!

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