Action Launcher gets another Google Pixel 2 feature in the latest update

Action Launcher is getting a new update that adds more Google Pixel 2 features to any other Android phone out there.

Ever since the search giant announced the Pixel 2 family, Action Launcher has already received several updates that keep on bringing its functionality much closer to the new Pixels. At first, we saw the launcher get the new search bar that sits at the bottom of the home screen rather than at the top. Later on, the developer added support for adaptive icons as well as the Pixel weather widget.

Now, in the latest update, which jumps a step up from v29 to v30, users of Action Launcher will be able to enjoy the new “At a Glance” widget that also made its debut on the Google Pixel 2. With this widget, Android users will be able to enjoy an intuitive way of viewing the date, weather as well as any scheduled appointments (through Google Calendar) in a single section on the display screen.

Sorry if you were expecting to see some of the Google Pixel 2 Active Edge features arrive with Action Launcher 30 (pun intended) because there’s nothing revolutionary the latest update brings to the launcher. However, for those who love convenience, it’s a good way of getting a quick glance at what’s happening in your day.

Action Launcher

In addition to the widget, the update also brings new customizations to the Pixel 2-like dock search box that came with version 29. It’s now possible to theme the icons in the dock with a dedicated icon editor that comes with a myriad of customization options. The update also ups the number of supported apps in the AdaptivePack companion app to 2200.

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With each update, Action Launcher gets even better. But for you to enjoy the best features it brings, you will have to part with a paltry Ksh 299 for the Plus version, which you won’t regret. You can begin by downloading the free version via the Google Play Store and upgrade later.

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