Why UC Browser was removed from the Google Play Store – and when to expect it back

A few days ago, the popular UC Browser just disappeared from the Google Play Store, leaving the millions who use the app literally confused with what was happening.

Given its Chinese roots, some were quick to comment that the removal of UC Browser from the Play Store might have had something to do with shady practices, but in a statement to Gadgets 360, UCWeb has come out with an explanation of why the browser was removed from the Play Store, where it has already been downloaded 500 million times. The company also shed some light on when users can expect to see the browser back in the Play Store.

Prior to this, a Twitter user who also claims to work for UC Browser said the move had been made because the app was using “misleading” and “unhealthy” techniques of promotion in a bid to increase installs, something that is against the Google Play policies. And in the statement made by UCWeb, this seems to be the case.

“We were informed by Google Play about temporary removal of UC Browser from the Play Store for 7 days, beginning 13 Nov 2017, under the reason that a certain setting of UC Browser is not in line with Google’s policy. We have conducted an urgent internal investigation and fixed the problem,” the UCWeb statement reads.

“The new version has been uploaded on Google Play’s Developer Console and is awaiting evaluation. We will actively cooperate with Google Play for any concern caused by this unintentional error. In the meantime, users can still download UC Browser Mini from the Play Store, an alternative version of UC Browser.”

It’s not just UC Browser, but quite a good number of Chinese products, including Android phones, have come under fire due to reports of privacy and security concerns, but as you can see, UCWeb says this is due to an “unintentional error.”

If you don’t fancy the Mini version of the browser, the company says you can get the APK version directly from its website, but you’ll have to tweak your phone’s Security settings in order to allow installation of apps from “Unknown sources.” Alternatively, you can simply wait for a few more days because UCWeb says UC Browser will be back in the Google Play Store as from next week.

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