Latest update to Telegram’s Android app brings multi-account feature

It’s always a hassle setting up most messaging applications for use when you have multiple phone numbers and, as such, most likely multiple accounts on those services. So far, the most popular means of getting around that has been to install apps, like Parallel Space, or to buy devices that have features that make it possible to use Messenger apps. OPPO, OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi and others have done a good job in this regard.

Instead of going through all that trouble, what if the makers of these apps actually let users add other accounts as they wanted?

That is exactly what Telegram is doing with the 4.7 update which started rolling out at least two days ago.

With the update, a user only needs to swipe left on the Hamburger menu to reveal the option to add another account registered with a different phone number. Access to the second account through another device is still needed so as to obtain the verification code that Telegram will send before allowing access. In the event that is not possible, at least the SIM for the other number should be inserted somewhere so as to obtain the verification code via SMS.

When adding another account, one is presented with an option to either let the app sync local contacts or not which should be helpful in case you want to keep things separate and tidy.

Another messenger account almost always means more messy notifications. Yes, even after all the Oreo cleanup. Knowing this, users have a chance to decide which account sends push notifications and which one doesn’t.

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Switching between accounts requires just a tap, something all of us should be familiar with since it’s essentially how other apps that allow multiple accounts, like Gmail, operate.

Unfortunately, one can only add up to 3 accounts even though I have no idea why you’ll need more than 3 as that means having more than 3 SIMs already!

Another feature making it to Telegram with the version 4.7 update is “swipe to reply”. Before it, one had to long-press a specific chat so as to be able to reply and keep the conversation going.

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